Web3PORT Docs
Why Web3PORT
Programming | Experienced with Motoko, Rust, Solidity and other programming languages
Experience | Participated Dfinity token coin standards development, and the development of various projects including DEX, Bridge, Web3.0,NFT etc
Resource | Established developer community network and partnership with Dfinity/NEAR and projects, including Hackathon winner projects
Incubating | To provide end-to-end incubation support for project development
Official Resources | Dfinity Regional Partner
Vertical Integration | Ecosystem
Funding | VC & investment
Media Network | Mainstream agencies
Community | Influencers and KOLs
Exchange | CEX & DEX
Experience | Experts with finance, technology background. Experienced with funding, investment, business model development
Innovation | Designed and developed the automated project assessment tool. Supported startups to speed up growth
Marketing | Experienced with leading project operations. Can develop and execute highly customized plan
DAO | Secure, transparent, efficiency assessment management via DAO-directed governance model
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