Web3Port provides comprehensive full-cycle services and investment support for Web3 projects at all stages. With our primary market investment funds and secondary market liquidity funds, facilitating the complete lifecycle of startups, including investment, financing, management, and exit, through a one-stop Web3 accelerator platform.

Accelator and Foundation

Web3Port Accelerator, a fully standardized accelerator platform dedicated to “investment, financing, management, withdrawal”, drives the growth of startups through its unique funnel model and professional acceleration module.


Web3Port Foundation, aiming to fund innovative Web3 startups, is an international multi-stage technology investment platform that backs and amplifies leading blockchain enabled solutions. The Foundation consists of a primary fund seeded with $100mm and a secondary fund with $1B, supports to build businesses that are truly differentiated across all markets, including early/middle-stage startups, TVL startups, public blockchain ecosystem projects, etc.


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