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Web3Port Standardized Partnership Program

Web3Port is the world's first matchmaking protocol, capturing, tracking, filtering, and matchmaking Web3 startups and contributors to accelerate their innovation.
We have built a powerful connection network that provides diverse resources to support startups’ development, including:
  • 1k+ startups onboarded, 80+ new startups/month, 40% conversion rate;
  • 500+ VCs, including 30+ tier 1 VCs;
  • 500+ Partners include Public blockchain, CEX/DEX, Web2 Corporates, Influencers and other key players in Web3;
  • 100+ Key connections in top university including Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Columbia, Berkley, etc. across school-funded incubators and projects access blockchain & web3, etc.
  • Financing: helped 30+ startups raise funds, totaling $100M;
  • Tokens: assisted 50+ startups in listing at CEX (Such as Coinbase, Okx, Kucoin), we also provide leveraged funding to help projects’ listing;
  • Marketing: made tailored GMT strategies for 100+ startups and brought them into the network of 1k+ influencers;
  • Marketing Making: connected 100+ startups to top-tier MM partners.
What we offer:
  • Business Strategy (User growth, business model design, business partnership)
  • Investment(Web3Port Venture Fund and SPV)
  • Token Offering (Launchpad / Tier one CEX Listing / Token Strategy)
  • Financing (500+ VCs/ Angel investors/FA partners)
  • Marketing (1000+ influencers/ media, go-to-market strategies)
  • Marketing Making (intros to MMs, MM strategies and funding)
  • Others (audit, hiring, events, &etc.)

How to work with Web3Port:

For startups who seek one-stop-shop support from Web3Port, pls follow the steps below:
  1. 1.
    Log in to https://app.web3port.us/BUIDL to submit your project info and demands
  2. 2.
    Web3Port will connect you with professional resources and support you based on the info above
For startups who want to consult Web3 mentors, pls follow the steps below:
  1. 1.
    Log in to https://app.web3port.us/solutions to select your favorite mentor and click “Consult”
  2. 2.
    Web3Port will loop you into a Telegram group chat with the mentor

Web3Port Standardized Collaboration Options (free)

Token Related
  • Launchpad
    • Get listed on Web3Port Launchpad (available soon)
  • CEX Listing Strategies
    • Consult with professionals on token listing
Financing Solution
  • Web3Port Dealflow Sharing:
    • Web3Port has built a 500+ Web3 VC Network, including 30+ Web3 tier 1 VCs
    • Web3Port shares weekly/monthly dealflow to all investors/VCs and connects startups with VCs to get funded
  • FA Agencies Introduction:refer your project to Web3Port’s FA partners
Note: A Financing Agreement is required for this solution. Web3Port will send the Agreement to the email address you provide. We will start the financing support after the document is signed.
Marketing (influencers, media, marketing strategies)
  • User growth
  • PR
    • Startup onboarding announcement via Web3Port’s Twitter and communities (take a look at the example here)
    • Milestone promotion: You can expect one milestone promotion campaign with Web3Port’s marketing resources
  • Connection to Marketing Agencies
    • Connect you with more marketing agencies, media or influencers based on your demand
Market Making
  • MM Strategies: Up to 30 mins’ one-on-one consulting session with professionals about selecting market makers and strategies
  • MM Partnership: refer your project to tier one market makers based on your demand
Others (Audit, Hiring, Tech Support, Events)
  • Audit
    • You can get a reliability report and remedies for your project code automatically within 24 hours using ZAN’s SaaS service. Check out the ZAN manual for details.
  • Hiring
    • Refer hiring agencies to you based on your hiring demands.
      • Talentpool (HK) Limited (License number:66349) is a human resources services provider. Since 2017 it is dedicated to creating sustainable value for financial institutions and blockchain, digital asset firms by providing one-stop HR services and solutions, which include executive search, HR outsourcing, HR consulting, and other professional services. Click here to submit your info. The platform will then match you with related users.
  • Tech Dev Tools
    • At ChainIDE you are accessible to a full set of developer services and full-process services from Web3 industrial consultation to app development implementation.

Web3Port Advanced Collaboration Options

In addition to the above free standardized collaboration, Web3Port also provides some advanced collaboration options for selective startups.
  • Web3Port Venture Fund
Web3Port founded Web3Port Venture Fund in July 2023, with a mission to financially support startups in need and contribute to their thriving. Web3Port will select some promising startups to invest in. If they need more support or look for more resources, Web3Port will be deeply involved in the startups to support these startups from their infancy to maturity.
  • SPV
Besides, Web3Port creates SPVs solely or along with other investors to fund startups and accelerate their development. The operations of SPVs are limited to the financing of specific startups.
Token Related
  • Token Economy Design
    • Help design a customized tokenomics plan.
    • Fees: On Request
  • Launchpad
    • Web3Port Launchpad, including app solution + community coverage + IDO.
    • Fees: On Request
  • Token Listing Strategy
    • Connect you to IDO platforms: including Coinlist, Republic, Daomaker, Gamespad, Polkastarter.
    • One-stop token offering support, including Launchpad, CEX Listing, MM, Marketing, etc.
    • Fees: On Request
  • CEX Listing
    • Token listing on top CEXs (Coinbase, Binance, Okex, Upbit, Bybit, Kucoin, Gate & etc.)
    • Fees: On Request
  • Public blockchains
    • Introduce startups to gain support from tier-one public blockchains like: BSC/ Polygon/ Starkware / Zksync, &etc
    • Fees: On Request
  • TVL support
    • Offer TVL support for DeFi startups, including consulting, collaterals allocation, etc.
    • Fees: On Request
Financing Solution
  • FA Agency:
    • Special referral to tier 1 investors and strategic investors (connecting from diversified resources)
    • Fees: FA%
  • Investment & Advisory:
    • Web3Port will directly invest in and establish deep collaborations with promising startups along with its investors
    • Fees: option with up to 5% investment, or customized agreement
Marketing & Partnership Coverage
  • Marketing Package:
    • Items
      • 1. Web3Port-Quest (pro)
      • 2. Binance Live
      • 3. PR on Mass Media (one PR)
      • 4. PR on tier-one crypto media (one PR)
    • Fees: $4000
  • Live Stream
    • Live stream on Binance Live, etc.
    • Fees: $1000
  • Twitter Space:
    • Launch a panel at Twitter Space with partners, startups, VCs or influencers, covering promotion, guest invite, poster making, airdrop, etc.
    • Fees: $2000
  • Web2 Social Platforms (TikTok):
    • Upload video clips by TikTok global streamers (including those with 1m followers) or TikTok game streamers
    • Fees: 5 days a week, 2hrs for each, totaling 10hrs. It costs $80 each session for 50 PCUs on average, and $100 each session for 100 PCUs on average
  • Business Partners:
    • Web3Port connects you to the correct business partners out of the existing 500+ partners
    • Fees: $200
Market Making
  • MM Collaboration:
    • Customize market making strategies including liquidity, pricing model, asset management, etc.
    • Fees: On Request


  • Payment solutions:
    • Alchemy Pay is a payment solutions provider. Ramp and NFTCheckout are the main services we are providing with CEXs, DEXs, wallets and other WEB3 projects. Its products include Fiat on/off-ramp, NFT Checkout, Token listing/integration at fiat onramp, Treasury Sale, Crypto(Virtual) Card issuance. See API doc.
  • Audit:
    • Salus' scope of business covers Smart Contract Expert Audit, Web3 Penetration Testing, Salus Science, and Customized Blockchain and Security Development. For Salus Rapid Detection intro and packages, see Salus Security's Rapid Detection Service. Customized Package is also available.
  • Recruiting:
    • Nether Talent is a talent pool for Web3 and crypto space. It is featured by a Network of +2000 talents (Web2 & Web3), with 2 weeks of average placement time. It has worked with fast growing crypto companies like Questbook, Reclaim Protocol, Particle Network, Cega.
For business partners like public blockchain/VC/CEX, pls reach out to
Questions and feedback:
Feel free to reach out to Web3Port via the contact below if you have any questions about the Program: