Web3Port Demo Day Q&A

1.What is Web3Port Demo Day?

Web3Port Demo Day is an event gathering and presenting Web3 startups by Web3Port and top crypto VCs. Web3Port selects promising Web3 startups and invites top Web3 VCs to help good projects gain market exposure and display at their early stage, and get attention, instructions, and funds from top investors.

2.Web3Port Demo Day schedule

Web3Port Demo Day is a long-lasting event, once every 2-3 months.

3.Which VCs join Web3Port Demo Day?

Web3Port has a wide and powerful network of VCs. Over 120+ VCs have registered our first Demo Day, including Crypto.com Capital / Sequoia / Hashkey Capital / Kucoin Ventures / Spark Digital Capital / Fenbushi Capital / Redline DAO / Geekcartel / AC Capital / Mirana Ventures / OKX Ventures / ByteTrade- Sig Crypto Lab / Mint Ventures / SNZ Holding / AZ Digital Asset Group /Youbi Capital / NGC / Huobi Incubator / Lighthouse Capital / FBG / Wintermute / Chain Capital / Cabin VC / DcentraLab / MetaStone.Group / MH Ventures / Magnus Capital / Polka Bridge Ventures / 7 O’Clock Capital / Bing Ventures / AvatarDAO / AZDAG / EVG / Waterdrip Capital / Cobo Ventures / 7upDao / Stratified finance / Cypher Capital / DAO Kondr VC / M-Ventures / DT Capital / Dealean Capital / Big Brain Holdings / Kava Network / Lakeside capital / BitValue Capital / Fundamental Labs / Next capital / IOBC / Moonrock Capital / Bitrise Capital / Longhash / LOL Capital / Basics Capital / Glock Ventures / ZONFF / Magnus / Tomahawk / Digitata etc.

4.What benefits can participating project teams get from the Demoday?

  • Present and introduce their projects to more individual and institutional investors, to get exposure and earn marketing resources.

  • Get recognized by VCs and have an opportunity for funding.

  • Communicate with investors and mentors to learn more about each other, expand their crypto resources and connections.

5.How to join Web3Port Demo Day by project teams?

The 7 promising projects for Web3Port Demo Day in October have passed our standardized assessment procedures and been selected from 230+ projects in our network.

If you’d like to join Web3Port Demo Day in the future, kindly submit your project information on https://app.web3port.us, the entry to the Demo Day. Our Research team will refer your projects to the Demo Day team based on the standardized assessment procedures.

6.What benefits can investors get from Web3Port Demo Day?

  • Discover promising Web3 projects for investment or partnering.

  • Meet more investors.

  • Keep market engagement and attention.

In the future physical Web3Port Demo Day events will be held in collaboration with Blocklike / AC Capital, etc., and investors will be invited.

7.How to join Web3Port Demo Day by investors?

1)Register at https://hopin.com/events/web3port-demo-day

2)Fill out your information at https://forms.gle/euJUxCiWExaBAKq99. We will create your exclusive invitation poster and send the Web3Port Demo Day invitation to your email address.

8.If you’d like to learn more about the partnerships regarding our Demo Day, feel free to reach out to our BD team:

Email: business@web3port.us

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