Web3Port Reputation System

Web3Port is an accelerator of Web 3 projects, helping startups in the fields like Web3, DeFi, GameFi build from zero to one and to the next level.

The support of community users is indispensable for the healthy development of Web3Port , so we are going to build a Web3.0 DAO community gathering projects, community users, tutors, VCs, and service providers together, to develop a compatible, inclusive, and open platform for interactions.

We believe that community users shall be rewarded for discovering and referring good Web3 projects to log into Web3Port. Therefore, we develop the Web3Port Reputation System.

Web3Port Reputation System is a quantified reputation proof of community users’ behaviors and contributions, which is the core element of the System.

How to get reputation points?

Open: https://app.web3port.us/reputation

Each active supporter can get reputation points from their behaviors and contributions below:


Like your favourite projects. You will get points for each like.

One user gives likes to projects and gets points at most per week. The excessive likes will not be counted.


Give your valuable comments on the projects you are interested in. You will get points for each piece of valuable comment.

One user gets points for 20 projects commented at most per week. For the first 10 pieces of comments, you will get points for each piece of comment. For the comments after the 10th piece, the points for each piece of comment will be reduced successively. No points will be given for the 20th piece of comment and above.

Additional points will be given for featured comments, which will be weekly selected by our platform.


Refer projects to submit and verify their information on our platform.

One wallet address can be rewarded with points for the first 10 projects referred per week. The excessive referrals will not be counted.

Project onboarding

After submitting your project information and getting them verified, you will get points, which are shown in your wallet account that is used to submit your project information.

Privileges for reputation points

1.Poof of work of users’ behaviors or contributions.

2.Get an hornorable title when the points reach to a certain amount.

3.Exchange for Badge NFTs.

4.Win projects’ token airdrop or other incentives.

5.Qualification for certain tasks and activities.

6.Exchange and circulation services of following token utilities.


  1. Reputation points are additional rewards for DAO contributors by Web3Port. Web3Port reserves the right to the final intepretation and may make adjustments as the case may be.

  2. Web3Port reserves the right to objectively and legally dealing with any malicious contents and accounts.

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