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Web3Port is a BUIDL tool for Web 3 professionals.Our mission is to promote growth of Web3 communities by breaking the barriers between entrepreneurs, investors and contributors, and forming a fair and open Web3 builder network.
In this case Web3PORT can be seen as a HUB for web3 ecosystem which collects all kinds of roles such as investment institutions, web3 ecologic projects and Influencers etc..This is one of the best places for users to connect resources and understand web3 ecosystem.
As a startup company on web3, what they require most are resources and finances, these demands can be met from Web3PORT's innovative automated audit tool. The development functions of startups can integrate in Web3PORT by Web3PORT Embedded Module to connect resources.
Secondly, by Web3PORT users can track web3 ecologic projects and participate in ecosystem governance in the DAO Governance Module and Incubation Management Tool on the platform.
Next investors’ funds will be allocated legitimately and will gain asset value-adding by supporting startups as well as participate in web3 ecosystem construction.
In a conclusion, we believe that Web3PORT will be the booster and access to web3 ecosystem, meanwhile it will bring visible benefits for web3 ecosystem and investors.