Web3PORT Docs
Project Management Dashboard
To participate in project governance and events
To vote and fund projects
DAO Governance Tool
To initiate protocol request
To participate and vote
To execute protocols
To receive rewards
NFT Badge
To unlock higher level of governance authority, or voting rights
Access to other benefits
Automated Project Assessment Tool
Access to comprehensive assessment report
Access to resource support, and partnership opportunities
DeFi Module
To review the fund updates via DAO Asset Pool
Access to dividends from Dividend Pool
To review the data on the blockchain
To review the list of projects
Partnership project features plug-in
To access LP Farming, and other DeFi features T
o access ICNaming, Dmail, and other Web 3 features
To leverage iBridge and other cross-blockchain features
To access chat room, UGC (user generated content), and other social features
DEX features plug-in
Launchpad cooperation
Project Support Plan
*Project Support Plans will be tailored based on the automated assessment outcomes as well as the project team’s requirements
Our product is in the first phase of development. We are following the principle of minimum usage model (MVP) to complete the core functions. Functions including:
1)Collect project pool/resources such as presenting project list and project details etc.
2)Project submission access
3)Interaction between projects such as comments, retweets, like, follow etc.
4)Account system including wallet login, asset management, personal center, transaction and receiving etc.
5)NFT section such as NFT checking etc.
The first phase functions should be tested before the end of August After completing the first phase of development, we will move all Dealflow sources to our product.
The second phase we will integrate with the user section, adding interaction and riching functions.
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