Web3PORT Docs


2021 Q4:
  • Launched the project
  • Established the team
Ongoing events and activities:
  • Project acceleration
  • Organize event with public chains
  • Provide in-depth acceleration support to key projects
  • Organize roundtable, AMA, Demoday and other events around products
  • Close Seed+ round
2022 Q3-Q4:
  • Close seed round
  • Complete product phase 1
  • Kickoff product phase 2
  • Host the acceleration training camp in the fall and winter
  • Standardize the acceleration support packages
  • Launch Task Module, Event Module, Research Module, Recruitment Module, Backend console V2
  • Complete Seed+ round
  • Build community and cultivate seed users
  • Launch Web3 Acceleration Eco-fund 1
2023 Q1:
  • Launch project crowdfund module
  • Create Web3 developer communities
  • Host recurring acceleration training camp
  • Add community governance models (voting rules, etc.)
  • Complete Private Round
2023 Q2:
  • Launch DeFi module
  • Open API
  • Implement DID module
  • Host 3rd acceleration training camp
  • Separate the self-run acceleration business group
  • Establish Web3 Acceleration Eco Fund 2
  • More Acceleration Plans
  • Listing Plan
  • Token issuance and distribution plan
  • Buyback Plan
  • Highlight the creation of platform-based economy
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