Web3PORT Docs

What Web3Port offers to start-ups

Web3Port is an accelerator of Web 3 projects, helping startups build from zero to one and to the next level. Our mission is to create a decentralized and transparent accelerator alliance that brings growth to the Web3.0 ecosystem.
We grant blockchain startups and entrepreneurs access to investors, token design, go-to-market strategy, and other key resources.
Our core team and mentor team had work experiences in the companies below and we are actively expanding our team to better serve the project teams.
Seed and/or private round funding are vital supports to an early-stage project until it achieves the next level and starts generating profits. Web3Port helps project teams to optimize project ideas, improve product design and also gain tractions from institutional and retail investors.
We have reserved funding to make direct investment into projects. Further, we build dealflows and host roadshows to refer projects to both institutional and retail investors.
Project Acceleration
We offer acceleration training sessions covering funding strategy, go-to-market strategy, community building, token economics, technical support, product development and compliance, which are common challenges encountered by start-up projects.
Our training sessions are held on a quarterly basis, helping 10–20 projects in each batch. During a period between 8 and 12 weeks, the projects receive extensive coaching from our mentors who have years of crypto experience in their expertise space.
Private Sessions
We regularly invite guest speakers to host private sharing sessions for our portfolio projects. These speakers include founders from well-known projects, public chain managers, crypto KOLs and also veteran investors, who will provide market trends/insights, real-life experience, and/or common pitfalls to avoid as a new project founder.
One-on-one Talk
We understand the value of in-person coaching and thus pair project teams with our mentors via one-on-one talks, during which project teams can discuss and resolve unique challenges they are facing.
Roadshow Day
The roadshow day is one of the major community events for Web3Port, during which the participating project teams will be presenting their product in front of top VCs and receive real-time feedbacks and even instant funding.
We have a network of resources which provides comprehensive supports to project teams, including
· Well-known project teams, public chain foundations, KOLs, CEXs, DEXs, colleges, and communities;
· Marketing, business advisory, financial advisors, market makers, code audit, legal services, and recruiting services.
Entrepreneurial Community
We are building a community comprised of in-training projects, graduated projects, as well as crypto professionals interested in taking a role in building the Web3.0 ecosystem. This community will be used to exchange ideas, address project needs (e.g. coding questions, recruiting needs, freelancer jobs, etc) and host various events for marketing purposes.
Connect with us
If you are interested in attending our acceleration session and/or other services we offer (e.g. funding, etc), please fill out the https://app.web3port.us/, so that we can better know about your project and your team.
Upon the receipt of the form, we will perform the initial assessment and take the next steps based on the flowchart below: